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2023 Call for PhD Studentships – Specific Line of Application in a Non-academic Environment

  • 05.12.2023

    FCT publishes the final results of the Specific Line of Application in a Non-academic Environment of the Call for PhD Studentships in all Scientific Domains 2023. The Final List and the number of Studentships per Panel after the preliminary hearing may be consulted on this page, under Call Documents in the Results tab. In this line of application, 332 PhD research studentships were recommended for funding; therefore, in total, 1488 studentships were recommended for funding in the 2023 Call.

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PhD studentships to be awarded in the Specific Line of Application, are intended to finance the development of research activities carried out in close articulation with non-academic entities, by the studentship holder, that allow obtaining a PhD degree.
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Call Documents
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