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Personal Accident Insurance

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  • Yes. Under the law, that is a grantee's right.

  • The insurance covers expenses arising from personal accidents of the grantee, in Portugal or abroad, including the eventuality of death, permanent disability, as well as treatment expenses, repatriation and funeral expenses.

  • Yes, in the event of death or permanent disability, compensation is limited to a maximum of 20,000 euros. In the case of treatment and repatriation expenses, these are limited to a maximum of €6,000.

  • No. The insurance includes coverage for professional and extra professional risks, in Portugal and abroad, including normal travel between home and the place where the research is carried out, even if during periods of mobility.

  • No. The insurance covers personal accidents that occur in any country.

  • Yes.

  • Yes, but only if the diving practice runs to a depth of 30 meters.

  • Only the expenses referred to in the previous numbers, health or other, resulting from personal accidents are covered.

    Other expenses are not covered, particularly expenses arising from illness, as this is not health insurance.

    No expenses are covered under the grantee's civil or contractual liability to third parties, as this is not liability insurance.

    Loss of income expenses are also not covered, as this is not workmen's compensation insurance.

    Expenses related to loss of luggage, transport, or accommodation are also not covered, as this is not travel insurance.

  • You can request this statement by email to, indicating the reference of your Studentship.

  • You must report the claim to the insurer and the insurance intermediary designated by the FCT as soon as possible and within a maximum period of eight days. For this purpose, you must fill out and sign the claim form and the declaration on personal data processing and send them by email to, with acknowledgment to and

    In that statement, you will be asked to fill in the policy number. You can request this information from FCT, by phone 213 924 310 or by e-mail to, indicating the reference of your Studentship.

  • In this case, you should go to the nearest public hospital emergency department in the area where the accident occurred. Once the emergency treatment is over, you must report the accident to the insurance company within a maximum of eight days. If you need further medical treatment, you should go to one of the approved clinics. The insurer can tell you which is closest to you, according to your need for assistance.

  • You will have to go to an approved provider, indicated by the insurer. It is important to remember that you will need to take with you a copy of the completed claim form, including the policy number that we will give you.

  • In this case, treatment expenses, including complementary diagnostic means, will only be reimbursed if there is a causal link between the expense and the accident that caused it. There will then be reimbursement of expenses, which will be made under the terms of the following number.

  • You should send this request by email to Once the causal link between the expense and the accident has been verified, as long as the expense is within the insurance limits and the accident has already been properly reported to the insurance company, the expenses will be reimbursed by IBAN to a bank account held by the grantee.

    You should note that the expenses must always be included in a document containing your identification. If the documents contain your tax identification number, you can send them by E-mail, but if not, you will have to send them by post to the insurance company.

  • To be reimbursed for expenses, in addition to the document stating the expense, you must also send the following documents to the insurance company:

    1. Prescription;
    2. All clinical documentation resulting from the assistance provided following the accident, namely complementary diagnostic tests reports;
    3. Proof of IBAN where the identification of the grantee as the holder of the bank account is shown.


    Please note that IBAN proof slips that are issued by ATMs are not valid. You can obtain a statement showing your name as the account holder from your bank's homebanking or branch office.

  • The insurance company is Fidelidade.

    For additional information about Personal Accident Insurance you can contact:

    Vânia Prata Carvalho

    Client Manager

    Melhor Seguros, Consultores e corretores de Seguros, S.A:

    Rua Embaixador Martins Janeira, nº 14, 1º e 2º Piso

    1750-097 Lisboa

    General: (+351) 213 600 120

    Tel: (+351) 213 600 124