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Studentships Maria de Sousa 

The Call for Studentships for Doctoral Research Maria de Sousa - SEAGULL - Seeking Epidemiological and Virological Answers is oriented towards obtaining new knowledge to create skills for responses to virological phenomena, including pandemics, and that will translate into efficient prevention measures, better health care and effective support to citizens.

The Call will contemplate applications in any scientific area that contribute to the following objectives and areas of knowledge:

Epidemiology and risk factors for virus infection and severe illness;

2. Human-animal interaction, mechanisms of resistance and interspecies transmission of viruses, and the risk of pandemics;

3. Strategies for prevention and preparedness for new epidemics of virological origin, including vaccines;

4. Innovative approaches, including new methods and new technologies, for the diagnosis of virological diseases;

5. Characterization of the mechanisms of viral infection;

6. Characterization of the host immune cellular and serologic response to virus infection, impact of age and comorbidities;

7. Development of new therapies and new therapeutic approaches, including life support and personal protective equipment to combat virological diseases;

8. Repercussions of viral infection in maternal and newborn health;

9. Psychological impact and behavioral changes associated with epidemics or pandemics of virological origin.


Results of the 3 editions of Call for the Attribution of Studentships for PhD research:

Call 2022

Call 2021

Call 2020


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