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COST - European Cooperation in Science and Technology

Since 1971 COST - European Cooperation in Science and Technology has been funding transnational collaborative activities in a system of open access, bottom-up networks of researchers in all fields of science and technology. These networks, called COST Actions, enable advances in the development of scientific knowledge, contributing to the strengthening of Europe as a leader in R&TD. Through its inclusive policy and with particular focus on young researchers, COST provides a unique means for researchers to freely, openly and collectively develop their ideas and initiatives. COST promotes the integration and enrichment of the diverse scientific communities, enables the maximisation of national investment in RTD, and contributes decisively to the defragmentation of knowledge in Europe.

COST Actions are based on an intergovernmental framework of cooperation that currently has 41 member countries and one cooperating country). Institutions from non-member countries can also participate in the Actions. The funds provided by COST support the costs of coordinating research networks. Currently more than 250 Actions are running, involving some 50,000 researchers.


You should consult the documents available in the section "Legislation and Regulations". FCT approval is not required to join the Actions Working Groups.

All communications and documents should be sent to


Financial support covers: meetings (e.g. travel, subsistence, local organizational support), conferences, workshops, short-term scientific missions, advanced training, publications and dissemination actions. COST does not finance research projects by itself (equipment, human resources, consumables), the research is financed by other mechanisms. Financial management is ensured by the responsible institution (decided during the inaugural meeting of the Action's Management Committee) on a reimbursement system. As reference values, a COST Action involving 20 countries will have a budget of about 130 thousand euros per year for the development of its activities.

You can check out the funding opportunities on the list of Calls .