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Released List of Studentships FCT covered by the Transitory Norm of the Decree-Law for Scientific Employment


The list of Studentships contracted with doctoral fellows directly funded by FCT for more than three consecutive years as of September 1, 2016 is available. As set forth in no. 4 of art. 23 of DL 57/2016, in cases where contracts are signed between these grant holders and their host institutions, FCT will support such hiring. 

The responsibility for opening Calls for the functions performed by the current grant recipients lies with the host institutions and the respective employment contracts are established directly between the selected researchers and these institutions. When these researchers are the holders of the Studentship that gave rise to the opening of Call, FCT will finance the contract for a period of up to three years, through the signing of a contract-program with the institution. In cases where the grant recipients have more than one host institution, any of the institutions may open the Call, with support being given to the institution where the grant recipient will be placed.

Supporting Documentation
Supporting documentation for this contracting is available on the FCT website, namely a guiding document, a draft of Notice of the Call and a program contract. FAQ on the subject are also available. For further clarifications on the list made available, especially in cases of parental leave or illness, please send an e-mail to

The list does not exhaust the transitional rule
The list provided includes only the references of the Studentships for which there will be a program-contract between the FCT and the host institution for funding of the contract. The list does not exhaust the doctorates covered by the transitory rule for which the host institutions must open Calls.