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FCT grants 1360 PhD Studentships in Call of 2020

FCT has published the final results of the Call for the Attribution of Doctoral Research Studentships for 2020, with 1360 recommended for funding Studentships. See the final list and the results by panel.

The contracting process of the Studentships approved under this Call starts from this date, in accordance with the FCT Research Regulation Studentships . As in previous years, it is the grant recipient who indicates the start date of the funding of Studentship, which must be between September 1, 2020 and August 1, 2021, as stated in the Notice of the Call of Call, with retroactive payment of Studentship, when applicable.

The candidates with an unfavorable decision have 15 working days to file a complaint against the final decision or, alternatively, 30 working days to appeal through the respective area on the MyFCT portal.

The next Call for the Attribution of Studentships for Doctoral Research in all scientific areas will be announced in January 2021. In addition to this annual Call in all scientific domains, FCT funds other Studentships for doctoral research in thematic areas through collaboration protocols and partnerships, namely with R&D Units.