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Cooperation Agreement between FCT and Fraunhofer on Precision Agriculture

Ten years after the first agreement between Fraunhofer FhG and Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, the two institutions reinforced today their scientific and technological collaboration in the field of ‘Precision Agriculture’. Whereas in 2007 the agreement enabled the creation of the Fraunhofer Association Fraunhofer-Portugal and the installation of the first Fraunhofer I&D Center in Portugal in the field of Information Technologies in association with the University of Porto, the new Agreement will pave the way for new activities in the field of ‘Precision Agriculture’.

The agro-industrial sector is undergoing an important transformation characterised by the adoption of new technologies with shorter development and qualification levels, access to new forms of robotics and digital transformation, including access to space platforms, as well as disruptive business plans with a higher risk exposure, thus attracting growing levels of public and private funding in I&D activities.

The national strategy to reinforce the Portuguese position within the framework of the evolution of European Framework Program for R&D&I and the cooperation in the Mediterranean (ie, within the context of the PRIMA Program, including the cooperation with Northern African countries) demands the reinforcement of the scientific and technological cooperation with reference centres in Europe, amongst other facets. The enlargement of the cooperation between Portugal and Fraunhofer, formalised in this new Agreement, is a stimulus to the agro-industrial transformation in Portugal and a guarantee for the consolidation of I&D activities on this sector.