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EMSO-PT project and the importance of sea observatories

The national research infrastructure European Multidisciplinary Sea floor and water column Observatory – Portugal (EMSO-PT) is a research infrastructure which offers access to a wide variety of services related to the seafloor observation, including long-term data series, field operations support, advanced technical training, and consultancy in deep seafloor exploration.

This infrastructure will also provide the scientific community with access to experiments in the seafloor, specific ocean instruments, laboratory facilities and deep-sea collections. EMSO-PT is constituted by members of R&D institutions, developing instrumentation and advanced technologies in line with the national and European priorities, and is the national node of Portugal in the European research infrastructure EMSO ERIC. 

EMSO-PT is integrated in the National Roadmap for Research Infrastructures of Strategic Interest since 2014 and is funded by Fundação da Ciência e da Tecnologia (FCT) and European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

This video presents the water column profiler operated by CCMAR – Centro de Ciências do Mar, and the deep-sea observatory called the EGIM (EMSO Generic Instrument Module).

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