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RESTART Programme

Expense Justification

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  • As indicated in Call for Applications it is the host institution’s responsibility to incur the expenses it considers essential for the execution of the objectives and work described while considering the impacts and results stated in the approved proposal. There should also not be a fixed rate for overheads, although there may be basic operating expenses necessary for the implementation of the project.

    It is noted that, in the evaluation, insufficient justification of the essential expenses for the execution of the project will have an impact on the evaluation of the application. In other words, the description and justification of the budget are subordinated to the scientific proposal presented, in its various specificities, such as scientific area, proposed objectives, methodology, planning, timeline, among other relevant factors for the implementation and fulfilment of the science proposed in the research plan.

    Expenses declared as insufficiently justified by the evaluation panel, taking into account the submitted research plan, will not be accepted for the development of the project if it is proposed for funding.

  • The expenses referred to in article 9 of the Regulation for projects financed exclusively by national funds are assumed to be difficult to fit into the principles listed in the answer to question 1 above.

  • Being a pre-existing employment relationship, while this relationship is in force, it will be difficult to justify that this expense is essential to the realization of the work plan. Therefore, this expense will not be justifiable for the panel and evaluation, and therefore, accepted in the scope of the project.

  • It will be difficult to justify that these expenses are essential to the realization of the work plan. Therefore, this expenditure will not be justifiable to the evaluation panel and, therefore, accepted as part of the project.