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CETP - Clean Energy Transition Partnership

FCT is a member of the new European Co-funded Clean Energy Transition Partnership (CETP), built on 15 years of transnational cooperation in 8 Energy-relevant ERA-NETs, and JPI Urban Europe.

CETP aims to enable the clean energy transition and contribute to the EU's goals of becoming the first climate neutral continent by 2050 by pooling national and regional RTDI funding for a wide variety of technologies and system solutions needed for this transition.

This partnership will foster transnational innovation ecosystems from the local and regional level to the transnational European level, thus overcoming a fragmented European landscape. Furthermore, it aims to achieve collaboration with funding partners outside Europe in order to broaden the knowledge and experience base, and introduce European solutions and stakeholders into value chains. It thus presents an ambitious Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda to 2030with a clear focus on the key challenges of the energy transition, as well as on the technological, market and adoption impacts that are intended to be measurable.


In 2022, the European Clean Energy Transition (CET) Partnership, launched its 1st Call. You can find more information here