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Monitoring national programs and policies and other institutional collaborations

SEAMInd - Economic, Social and Environmental Indicators and Monitoring (DGPM)

The FCT is collaborating on the SEAMind project, which is part of the monitoring framework for the National Strategy for the Sea 2021-2030 (ENM 2021-2030), and which aims to monitor the evolution of a set of quantifiable indicators from sustainable and credible sources to gauge the results of this strategy.

National Innovation Report (ANI)

FCT is collaborating in the preparation of the National Innovation Report, coordinated by ANI (in the spirit of Council of Ministers Resolution 25/2018 of March 8, which approves the guidelines for a technological and business innovation strategy for Portugal, 2018-2030).

Public Procurement for Innovation Working Group

FCT participated as a Stakeholder in monitoring the activity of the Public Procurement for Innovation Stakeholder Group (GPI-CPI), coordinated by ANI.

State aid for R&D and Innovation

The FCT monitors developments in European competition policy, particularly with regard to state aid granted to research, development and innovation activities, taking part in coordination meetings organized by the MFA and being asked to take positions within the MCTES.

FCT ensures that the State Aid granted annually through its funding instruments that may constitute aid schemes (namely the Regulation on Projects Financed Exclusively by National Funds and the Regulation on Scientific Employment) is reported on the SARI Platform. FCT also ensures that changes to aid schemes are notified (on the SANI platform).

INE/DGEEC/FCT protocol for access to data for scientific purposes

The INE/DGEEC/FCT Protocol for access to data for scientific purposes was established by FCT, DGEEC and INE with the aim of "establishing the conditions for access, for scientific purposes, to anonymized individual statistical data contained in databases resident at INE" (produced by INE, by entities with delegated powers and by other administrative sources), in the "INE National Data Infrastructure".

Access to data under this protocol requires the accreditation of researchers (Clause 2 of the Protocol) by the DGEEC.

Various working groups to monitor national and regional plans and strategies

The FCT monitors various working groups within the framework of national and regional plans and strategies: