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Approval of Regulations of Studentships Research

O Research Grant Holder Statute (EBI) can be applied to scientific research grant recipients from any entity, as long as the respective Studentships regulations are approved by the Foundation for Science and Technology.

Thus, entities that fund Studentships research must obtain approval from FCT of their respective regulations in order to be able to award these grants to finance scientific, technological and training activities. Any public or private entity, namely non-business entities of the Research & Innovation system and companies, may request approval of a regulation of Studentships .

In cases where the application is made by a public or private entity that does not have scientific research and technological development as its main objective, and/or does not have an activity recognised as being of scientific or technological interest, it must specifically identify the project under which it intends to be approved.

Alternatively to the elaboration of a regulation proposal and respective contract models of Studentship and final reports, the organization may request the adoption of the FCT research Studentships regulation.

Proposals for Regulations should comply with Article 6 of the EBI.

Application for approval of Studentships regulations or for adoption of FCT's Studentships regulations should be submitted via: