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Open Access to Scientific Publications


Ahe advantages of making publicare widely recognized.. Their benefits directlydirectly on researchfacilitating interdisciplinarity and increasing the visibility of the knowledge producedbut also have a social and economic impact, bringing research to professionals in other areas, to companies, and to interested publics. Therefore, this movement counts with the of researchers, universities and R&D institutions, international organizations, and public research funding agencies..

Portugal is recognized in Europe for its innovative Open Access policy, with the Open Access Scientific Repositories of Portugal(RCAAP) play an essential role in increasing the visibility of the knowledge produced by por tuguese universitiestugues universitiesas, as well as in the rapid expansion of Open Access institutional repositories nationwide.

At 2014 came into force the Pntroduced the Open Access Policy Publications Cientific Papers resultantes from Projects P rojects Financed by FCT. In its essence, the policy policy states that publications of scientific results, which are subject to peer review or peer review or other form of scientific review, should be deposited in one of RCAAP's Open Access repositories as soon as possible, preferably at the time of acceptance of thea publication.

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