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Series of Sessions on Doctorates in non-academic environment

Series of Sessions on Doctorates in non-academic environment

FCT and COTEC Portugal - Business Association for Innovation are promoting a cycle of sessions dedicated to the theme of doctorates in a non-academic environment, which aims to discuss advanced training at doctoral level carried out in a business environment. The next session, entitled "PhD in Business Environment" will take place on March 22nd, 5:00 pm, at NOVA IMS Information Management School(registration and program).

FCT has open, until March 31, the period for submission of applications to Call para Atribuição de Studentships de Investigação para Doutoramento em todos os Domínios Científicos 2023, which will aim to award 1450 doctoral grants Studentships . Of this set of Studentships, 400 will be allocated to a specific application line for work plans developed in non-academic entities. These sessions aim precisely to clarify questions from potential candidates to this line of Studentships of doctoral plans developed in a non-academic environment and also from institutions that intend to join as a host institution, namely companies, public administration entities, hospitals, museums, libraries, state laboratories, regulatory entities, or third sector entities. The first of these sessions took place on March 7th, at Instituto Superior Técnico, and is available for viewing at this link.

In January, FCT opened for non-academic organizations an expression of interest to host doctoral students, which already has more than 340 organizations registered, which are included in a list published on the FCT website and updated permanently. By hosting doctoral fellows, non-academic organizations can benefit from a public policy of promoting science funding, strengthening synergies with the scientific and academic environment and enhancing innovation and competitiveness.

Pursuing a public policy of advanced training based on research with social relevance, FCT thus reinforces, in 2023, institutional cooperation and the connection between work plans developed in academic and non-academic environments, the latter understood in a broad sense, including companies, collaborative laboratories, technology and innovation centers and other interface centers, public administration entities or third sector entities.

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