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Institutional Scientific Employment

The Stimulus to Scientific Employment - Institutional aims to support the development of R&D activities, consecrating and stimulating the hiring of researchers with doctorates by scientific institutions, through Calls directed to these institutions or to networks formed by them.

Supports plans for Scientific Employment and Scientific Career Development by Higher Education Institutions, State Laboratories and other scientific institutions, public or private.

It aims to support, deepen and specialize the exercise of scientific research, technological development and S&T management and communication activities, oriented towards the performance of scientific missions and challenges framed in the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It also aims to stimulate scientific employment, by hiring researchers with doctorates to carry out research and technological development activities, within the institutional contexts that characterize the national scientific and technological system (STCN), including institutional network cooperation, as well as to strengthen the conditions for innovation and increase the competitiveness of the productive, social and cultural fabric.


Results of the Call Stimulus for Institutional Scientific Employment editions:

2nd Edition
1st Edition

Results of the Call Stimulus for Institutional Scientific Employment - Associate Laboratories

1st Edition
07.03.2023 - The provisional results of the Call Stimulus for Institutional Scientific Employment were published. Associate Laboratories


Information updated March 27, 2023

60 institutions have positions for the opening of Call;
60  program contracts signed;
305 contracts to be awarded: - 124 career positions; - 181 positions for a fixed or uncertain resolutive term;
137 submitted employment contracts.


See the list of expected contracts at the institutions.