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Permanent updating of the R&D units' research teams (2021)

Submission of a team member's information

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  • No, only PhD members receive the e-mail, non- PhD members after submitting their registration are immediately in the Confirmed status.

  • The element data, team membership and employment status initially registered and submitted can be updated and submitted whenever changes occur by clicking on the element's name in the master list and entering its data page. In the case of the element data and team membership, an update of the field(s) can be made by changing the field itself, followed by submission. In the case of professional status, more than one status can be added and saved, regardless of their dates, and then submitted. The fields that are not changed maintain the information previously submitted. In the "Element History" area you can consult the changes made.

  • After submitting the data of a doctoral team member, the respective registration is in the Pending state. The doctoral candidate receives an automatic e-mail with instructions to confirm his/her participation in the team on the platform. If he confirms, his status will change to Confirmed in the list of team members in the platform, if he refuses, his status will change to Refused. In the latter situation the data of the element can be changed by the user of the R&D unit for a new submission and confirmation, or alternatively the element can be removed.

  • No, doctoral confirmation is only initially required when the researcher's data are submitted for the 1st time. After the investigator confirms his/her participation in the team, if his/her data are changed, there is no new request for confirmation, the investigator is just informed through an automatic e-mail that changes have been made in his/her registration.