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Permanent updating of the R&D units' research teams (2021)

Research team

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  • All personnel directly involved in the R&D activities of the R&D unit, whether or not they hold a doctoral degree, such as researchers and service providers directly involved in R&D activities, including R&D managers, R&D technical personnel, and other R&D support personnel.

  • Here you can consult the concept and examples of R&D activities that correspond to those adopted in the scope of the Survey on National Scientific and Technological Potential 2020 by the Directorate-General of Education and Science Statistics.

  • Data are requested for the element that includes the level of training, participation in the team and professional situation. The data requested on the professional situation will be more detailed if the element has a contract financed through the funding awarded by FCT to the R&D unit. In these cases it is also requested the upload of the contract and the edict of the recruitment Call . All the fields of the element's registration are mandatory except those marked as optional.

  • In the process of registering a staff member, data such as training level and professional status are automatically filled in whenever there is a match with the public nominative register of the Scientific and Teaching Employment Observatory (OECD) developed by the Directorate-General for Education and Science Statistics.

  • No, the data of the team members are recorded by the R&D unit users in the permanent team update platform, including team entry and exit dates.

  • According to the Research Grant Holder Statute (EBI), article 5, the performance of duties as a grant holder is done on an exclusive dedication basis. A grant holder belongs to the R&D unit team that is included in the respective approved work plan, or to which the supervisor of Studentship belongs, except when there are collaborations authorized by the funding entity of Studentship in other R&D units under article 5, no. 4 of the EBI.

  • Yes you can, as a collaborator.

  • The FTE is based on a full calendar year and is calculated for team members on the basis of the information entered in the platform fields "% of dedication in this team" and "date of % of dedication".

    The Frascati Manual's definition of TSI is as follows:

    "The full-time equivalent (FTE) of R&D personnel is defined as the proportion of working hours actually spent on R&D during a specific reference period (usually a calendar year) divided by the total number of hours conventionally worked in the same period by an individual or a group"

  • The update of the teams assigned to the Associate Laboratories funding is done automatically from the update in the platform of the teams of the units that constitute them. FCT considers in the teams of Associate Laboratories the integrated doctoral researchers indicated by the respective R&D units in the platform.