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Expressions of Interest


MareNostrum 5 (MN5) is a new European supercomputing platform installed at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), in which Portugal has a 5% stake.
In this initial phase, FCT is inviting potential interested parties from the national Science, Technology, Innovation and Public Administration sectors to submit expressions of interest in accessing the pre-production phase of this new supercomputer.

Interested parties must complete and submit the form in English by June 27, 2024.


Portugal is about to make available Deucalion, a new supercomputing platform that promises to boost data processing and analysis capacity. Once the physical assembly is complete, the platform will begin testing and tuning to ensure fully functioning and maximum performance of this important resource.
As such, the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) invites potential stakeholders from the national sectors of Science, Technology, Innovation and Public Administration to register interest and availability to work with technical support in the benchmarking tests of the Deucalion supercomputer.

Interested parties should complete and submit the simplified form.

The Bob Supercomputer, was donated to Portugal in 2019 by the Texas Advanced Computing Center at the University of Texas (Austin), saw 15 of its 20 compute node racks discontinued as of 24 February 2023. However, these are available to be reused by interested entities of the national science and innovation sectors or by companies in innovation processes, so FCT has launched an expression of interest for this purpose.

Interested entities in the reuse of the Bob supercomputer are invited to submit their proposal for expression of interest, through this form, by 31 July 2023.