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European Partnerships - Horizon Europe

European Partnerships associated with Horizon Europe (HE) emerge as essential tools to tackle some of Europe's most pressing challenges through concerted research and innovation (R&I) initiatives involving a range of public and private partners which, together with the European Commission, are key to the implementation of HE and contribute significantly to the achievement of EU policy priorities. By bringing together private and public partners, European Partnerships help avoid duplication of investments and contribute to reducing fragmentation of the EU R&I landscape.

Through Calls under European Partnerships, the scientific community can obtain funding to develop activities in consortia with researchers from other countries, through joint transnationalCalls .

FCT participates in the following European partnerships:


The European Biodiversity+ Partnership is part of the European Biodiversity Strategy 2030 to build the bridge between science, policy and practice. This partnership brings together 76 funding organizations and environmental policy actors from 39 European and associated countries to work on its goals.

CETP - Clean Energy Transition Partnership

The European co-funded CETP - Clean Energy Transition Partnership aims to enable the clean energy transition and contribute to the EU's goals of becoming the first climate neutral continent by 2050 by pooling national and regional RTDI funding for a wide variety of technologies and system solutions needed for this transition.

DUT - Driving Urban Transitions

The co-funded European Partnership DUT - Driving Urban Transitions aims to address the challenges of urban transition, involving regional, municipal and local communities, and is the only one of the new partnerships in the framework of HE that addresses urban development in its complexity. This partnership is based on three strategic axes of transition, the Transition Pathways: TP Positive Energy Neighborhoods; TP City 15-Minutes; TP Urban Circular Economies.

Chips Joint Undertaking

The main objectives of theChips Joint Undertaking Partnership consist in supporting research and innovation as well as the design and production capabilities for electronic components and systems and photonics, including processors, sensors and other semiconductor-based devices, along with it's applications in a diverse range of sectors (healthcare, automotive/mobility, energy, agri-food, manufacturing, etc.).

The Chips JU replaces the Key Digital Technologies Partnership in the context of the European Chips Act, expanding its scope namely through a network of European Competence Centres, upgrade and creation of new Pilot Lines, a Design Platform and the development of quantum chips.

Water4All - Water Security for the Planet

The Water4All - Water Security for the Planet co-funded European Partnership aims to pool efforts, mobilize resources and strengthen European leadership and competitiveness in water research and innovation. Portugal is one of the partners in this initiative, which also has the participation of the European Commission.

For more information about this partnership, see the Water4All work program on the Water JPI Joint Programming Initiative website.

ERA4Health - Fostering a European Research Area for Health

The co-funded European Partnership ERA4Health - Fostering a European Research Area for Health aims to establish flexible and effective coordination between funding agencies of the European Research Area in order to fund and implement joint research and innovation programs in Europe in priority areas of public health and well-being. The priority areas of this partnership are cardiovascular diseases; nanotechnologies and advanced technologies for disease prevention, diagnosis and therapy; nutrition- and lifestyle-related diseases; and prevention and public health strategies.

SBEP - Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership

SBEP is a co-funded European partnership developed under Horizon Europe (HE) that brings together 60 partner institutions from 25 countries, enabling an unprecedented effort in joint investment in marine Research and Innovation and alignment of national programs on a pan-European scale, considering the sea basins (Mediterranean, Black Sea, Baltic and North Sea) and the Atlantic Ocean.

THCS - Transforming Health and Care Systems

The European Partnership transforming health and care systems (THCS) aims to support coordinated national and regional research and innovation programmes, along with capacity building, networking, dissemination and other key activities to support health and care systems transformation. THCS will have the duration of 7 years (until 31st Dec 2029) and is expected to launch a joint call for proposals every year.

EP PerMed - European Partnership for Personalized Medicine

The European Partnership for Personalized Medicine (EP PerMed), co-funded by the European Union under Horizon Europe, is a platform for the joint programming of national and European research and innovation support activities that put into action the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) for Personalized Medicine (2023)", SRIA for PM (2023), through dedicated funding for research, development and innovation.


The partnership aims to structure and support a network of living labs and research infrastructures that will allow to accelerate the transition towards agroecology throughout Europe while ensuring a profitable and attractive activity for farmers in alignment with the rationality and ambition defined by the European Green Deal and other associated strategies.

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